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The Best Comforter To Stay Cool: Top 7 Picks

Sleeping well is something everyone can agree is one of the best investments towards their health and well-being. The body naturally cools down at night to promote a deep and restorative sleep experience so you can wake up feeling refreshed for the new day. However, when you find yourself with nighttime sweat and feeling uncomfortably hot, sleep becomes difficult.

Although comforters are meant to be warm, they shouldn’t make a person sleep hot and sweat at night. Luckily, there are lightweight comforters for hot sleepers with great breathability so you can sleep cool at night, even during the summers. In this guide, we look at the best comforters that are lightweight and designed for sleeping cooler.

Hot Sleepers’ Buyer Guide to Cool Bed Comforters

Abruptly waking up because you’re sweating at nighttime sucks. The right comforter keeps you snug, warm, and without the heat!

What kind of comforter is best for hot sleepers?

Sleeping at night can be a drag when you are sweating hot, kicking your blanket away, then becoming cold at the same time. You also don’t have to look far online before you realize there are hundreds of comforters to choose from. So how do you find the best one that can keep you cool at night so you can sleep well?

Cover material pick

There are several types of filling that make comforters. Although there is a huge debate between down and down alternative, we found the most important to be the cover material. You might enjoy bamboo or silk covers, both of which are highly durable and breathes well. Cotton, another natural fabric, also breathes extremely well.

Breathability plays a large role for hot sleepers because it’s the difference between sleeping sound until the morning or finding yourself sweating in the middle of the night

Breathability does also depend on the thickness of the fiber and tightness of the weave. There is also a trade-off between natural fibers vs. synthetic ones: they tend to cost more.

Fill power

The higher the fill power, the fluffier your comforter can be!

A comforter jam-packed with filling will be waaayy hotter than a comforter with filling that has more air space. Less air space means lower breathability and that means more heat is retained when you sleep underneath your comforter. You might be familiar with wearing clothes that don’t breathe well. What ends up happening is we begin to sweat, and that can cause you trouble with falling asleep or wake you up during sleep.

We can choose the lowest fill amount based on something called “fill power”, which measures the insulating ability of your filling per ounce. 600 or higher is warmer and can be a great choice for sleepers with homes running air conditioning. 500 or below is suitable if you find yourself hot too easily, sleep in a warm room, or wear thick pajamas in bed.

Ounces of filling

Another important measure of how hot a comforter can be is the amount of filling inside it. The more ounces in a particular size comforter, the heavier it is overall. If you want a lightweight comforter, picking the lowest ounce model is best. Different brands of different sizes have varying ounces, so comparing different models will help you decide on what is actually lightweight enough for sleeping cool and what is not.

Material fill

There is a huge debate between down and down alternative fillings. Although there is arguments for both, what it comes down to is the cover, fill power, and filling amount. But if you want to pick the best material as well, down tends to be the better choice. They are incredibly soft and circulate air well, both of which are ideal for hot sleepers.

Down filling do tend to be expensive, and some brands will use feathers as well in their mix. Feathers work just as well, however their quills can get prickly when there is too much. Keep your down fillings 75% or greater for the best feel.

Keep a close eye on the percentage of down-to-feathers to find the best quality down comforter. You won’t feel the difference between 100% down and 75% down with 25% feathers. However, any less and you might start noticing!

Appropriate size

Your comforter should droop off the sides for consistent insulation and sleep temperature, but.. how far should it droop for you?

We found often sleepers tend to choose the wrong size of comforter. If you are sleeping with a partner who might be a blanket hog, then generally, choosing a comforter one size larger than your mattress can be ideal. This leaves room for both sleepers while ensuring the entire mattress and some more is covered (draping along the sides of your bed) so the warmth captured underneath your comforter doesn’t escape along the sides. An extra 10 to 20 inches longer than your mattress width (side-to-side span) can make a huge difference for a consistent sleep temperature, especially during colder times.

Proper care and maintenance

Comforters are designed to be insulators of warmth so you can sleep without feeling cold. Once a year at most, they require cleaning to keep it fresh and last longer. Our body naturally sweats, shed dead skin cells, and sometimes we climb into bed unintentionally with dirt on our body. Washing helps us prevent any build up that can turn your comforter yellow and smelly.

Lightweight comforters, although using less filling, should also be cleaned at most once a year. There isn’t much of a difference in care when it comes to one comforter to the next. But a HUGE amount of caution should be considered when it’s time for a clean. Always read the instructions on the care tag, whether you can use a washing machine, dryer, or have to stick to dry cleaning.

  1. Make sure you are NOT washing your comforter with any other items. If you toss in a load with pillow cases that have zippers, you might very well end up with a torn-up comforter as the zipper or other sharp objects hook onto the seams and fabric during the wash.
  2. ALWAYS use gentle cycle as comforters (including other bedding accessories) are not as durable as everyday attire. They are delicates that require slow spin speed, slow agitation, and slow rinse cycle settings.
  3. ALWAYS tumble dry on low heat settings. The heat causes the tensile strength of the comforter to weaken. In natural fibers like cotton, the fiber can become brittle and stiff. Synthetic fibers like polyester can melt. Most comforter fabrics are dryer safe, but the fabric when tested against high heat can become problematic. Air drying in the sun is also a great way if you want to avoid using the machine even more. Make sure it’s done in the sun so that mold and bacteria don’t form from a slow dry.
  4. ALWAYS use cold water. Hot or warm water can shrink your fabric and weaken the fabric’s tensile strength.
  5. Do NOT use fabric softener and AVOID using laundry detergent with additives. We only want to clean any naughty stuff in your comforter, not skin it alive. Fabric softener, although seemingly a great idea, reduces the fluffiness of your comforter. The fluffiness is partly why your comforter retains warmth well.

Reviews of the Best Comforters For Hot Sleepers

The Linenspa brand is one of the most well-known in the online bedding industry. The company has been around for more than 15 years, producing quality mattresses, pillows, and bedding accessories with a great sense of fashion and great value products. If you want a reliable, trusted brand, Linenspa’s Down Alternative Comforter is one of the top choices.

Great classical warm palette choices

Their all-season down alternative comforter is the #1 best seller for bedding duvet and down alternative comforters. It comes with multiple reversible color designs that goes well with any warm, cozy bedroom decor. If you enjoy decorating your room with matching palettes, then the reversible design can change the feel and mood of your bedroom with  a quick flip. You can sleep well and get that at-home feel with this comforter.


The Linenspa Down Alternative Comforter uses microfiber fill with a 300 GSM (grams per square meter) fill weight, which is the high end compared to competing comforters. Comforters tend to range between 100 to 300, depending on their functional purpose and material choice.

Stitched duvet loops

There are also 8 duvet loops, with one on each corner (corner loops) and one in the middle of each side (side loops). This gives you excellent security with the right duvet cover to prevent the Linenspa comforter from sliding around. Considering how most duvet inserts have 4 or 6, this 8-loop offers greater traction to keep the comforter in place. For sleepers who found themselves bothered by comforters becoming displaced in their covers, the 8-loop eliminates that nuisance.

Classic box stitching

The comforter, like most other comforters, are built with a box-stitch construction. Regardless of filling, one of the worst feeling is when the filling moves all to one side of a comforter. Box-stitch construction helps the comforter maintain its shape by keeping the fill from shifting or clumping together, giving you a smoother look and more consistent temperature control.

Allergen-free material

The Linenspan Down Alternative Comforter is also quiet with soft polyester fiber filling and sleeps comfy with a polyester fiber shell, making it hypoallergenic (allergen-free) for those who suffer from allergies and wrinkle free.

The comforter is also machine washable and dryer safe. The comforters also come with a 3-year warranty. The shell thread count is 250 and the filling weight is 2 to 4 pounds, depending on the size.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin68 inches x 86 inches
Twin XL68 inches x 92 inches
Full82 inches x 86 inches
Queen88 inches x 92 inches
Oversized Queen98 inches x 98 inches
King106 inches x 92 inches
California King102 inches x 96 inches
Oversized King116 inches x 98 inches
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2. Fluffy and Breathes Well – Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter

The Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter is a fluffy high-quality filled comforter that is durable thanks to its strong stitching and manufacturing process. It uses a box-style stitching that gives the comforter an excellent look while functionally maintains even distribution of filling. If you have experienced times when your filling in your pillow or blanket shift or clump on one side, the box stitching design helps prevent this from happening. The box stitching also maintains a consistent temperature underneath the comforter.


The comforter uses a 250 GSM (grams per square meter) packing to make it lightweight and cooler for sleep. We mentioned how comforters tend to be in the range of 100 to 300 GSM, making this model higher than most. This makes the comforter built more for all-season use through both summer and winter nights.

Siliconized polyester fiber

The Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter also uses plus siliconized polyester filling, with a polyester shell. Siliconized polyester fiber, as opposed to regular polyester fibers, is a synthetic material treated with silicate material during the manufacturing process, which prevent dust mites and bacteria from attaching onto it. This makes the comforter ideal for those who suffer from allergies with hypoallergenic properties to the comforter. The silicone also acts as a texture improving agent, create a more full, fluffy, and soft feeling.

Classic box stitching design with piped edges

The comforter model provides more loft and temperature consistency with the classic box-stitch quilting pattern. With strong piped edges creating walls between the top and bottom layers, the polyester filling doesn’t clump and shift around during use. One of the worst feeling is waking up feeling cold because the filling in your comforter left gaping holes for your body heat to leave.

The sign of quality textile can be found in the seams. If you ever had poor clothing or bedding tear at the seams, it can be frustrating and upsetting to see them fall apart. There is piping along the seams of the comforter to give it more durability. This is especially important when you wash a comforter every so often because we don’t want the seams to come apart.

The Utopia Bedding Comforter is machine washable and dryer safe, with a recommended one wash per year at the most. There are 4 loops at the end of each corner to keep it in place when used with a duvet cover. This model only comes in white, so if you want to add color to your bed, using a cover is the best way to do so.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin64 inches x 88 inches
Queen88 inches x 88 inches
King102 inches x 90 inches

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3. Super Lightweight and Budget-Friendly – AmazonBasics Microfiber Comforter

The AmazonBasics is Amazon’s equivalent of a store brand. They are essentially cheaper versions of products found on Amazon, and cover a range of products from electronics to kitchen and bedding included. Although they might not be the best quality, AmazonBasics aim to be affordable and of reliable quality. This is reflected in the AmazonBasics Reversible Microfiber Comforter as a very thin lightweight comforter ideal for those who sleep too hot.

Reversible solid color selection

The comforter comes in 8 different colors, with a solid color on one side and a lighter shade version on the other side. When it comes to making your bedroom your own by design, having  selection is a good thing. Some people have their work space or office with their bedrooms, so using a color that compliments your decor and environment can help you feel certain ways. You might also choose to pick colors that are conducive to sleeping well at night!

Other ‘parts’ of your bedroom you might want to consider when picking the right color:

  • Curtains
  • Pillow cases
  • Bed headboard
  • Bedsheets
  • Dressers and wardrobes
  • Nightstands, and tables
  • Sofas, chairs, and bedroom benches
  • Makeup vanities

Diamond stitching

Diamond-stitch quilting is similar to box-stitch quilting in that it helps maintain sleep temperatures without letting the fillings in the comforter leave gaping holes. There isn’t any advantage between diamond stitching vs. box stitching other than providing a new look to your bedroom. If you aren’t a fan of the squares on comforters, then diamonds can give your bed a different look.


The AmazonBasics Microfiber Comforter is made with polyester microfiber, both as a filling material and as a cover. Polyester is a great affordable material that works great as an insulator. We find polyester often with clothes to make the durable, machine washable, and dryer safe. Although we couldn’t get our hands on any specifics with fill power and ounce, reviews from other owners tell us the comforter is extremely lightweight, thin, and ideal for very hot sleepers. However, because it’s thin, the comforter doesn’t have much loft or the fluffiness some shoppers might want in a comforter. There were some complaints of the seams coming loose, so avoid rough house the comforter in bed!

Sizes and dimensions

Twin/Twin XL63 inches x 90 inches
Full/Queen86 inches x 92 inches
King102 inches x 90 inches

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4. Comforter for Spring and Summer – Downluxe Down Alternative Comforter Set

Downluxe is a new brand on the block that’s been around since 2016. They sell online many bedding accessories and pillows, offering a variety of designs and value offers, such as this 3-piece Downluxe Down Alternative Comforter Set. If you prefer your pillows matching your comforter, then this set is for you. The designs of both reversible sides of the comforter and the pillow shams match and compliment. If you have the lighter shade facing upwards on the comforter, the pillowcases can stylishly appear the same so your bed looks whole.


The Downluxe Down Alternative Comforter Set is made with 100% brushed polyester microfiber shell and polyester microfiber fill. The reversible pillow shams also have a decorative 2-inches of flange for extra bed stylish points. The pillow shams use hidden zippers to encase your your pillows. The comforter set comes with 9 different colors, of which 3 are wave quilting printed designs.

Brushed polyester microfiber

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is an affordable material offering durability. It has many benefits of its frequently compared counterpart: cotton, without wearing down as fast as the natural fiber. It also resists wrinkles and shrinking.

Brushed fabric is a napped finish where the surface is raised (fuzzy), giving the shell an almost cotton-like, to give it added warmth and a super soft touch. If you are a huge fan of the texture and feel of cotton, but want a hypoallergenic bed set, then Downluxe is ideal for you.

Box-stitch and wave-stitch quilting

The comforters come in two different types of stitching: box and wave. For the solid colors, the Downluxe Down Alternative Comforters use diamond-like box stitching. This is great for those who are bored of comforters using regular side-by-side boxes design. The pattern designs all use wave stitching.

Between box and wave stitching, both are great choices for keeping the filling in place to ensure there aren’t any gaps for losing warmth. Boxes (along with diamonds) tend to be the more popular one because it is easier to stitch while waves are not seen often. Waves can be disadvantages with shifting fillings along the wave if the stitches aren’t close enough together. The Downluxe Comforter Set has done an excellent job with its patterned design wave stitching to keep the polyester microfiber fillings in place.

Sizes and dimensions

SizeDimensions (Comforter)Dimensions (Pillow shams)
Twin66 inches x 92 inches20 inches x 26 inches
Queen88 inches x 92 inches20 inches x 26 inches
King106 inches x 92 inches20 inches x 36 inches

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5. Hotel-Quality Comforter – Beckham Hotel Collection Goose Down Alternative Comforter

The Beckham Hotel Collection Goose Down Alternative Comforter is an all-season comforter designed by a brand that aims to provide a hotel-level luxury feel and design to their brand line of products. If you have fallen in love with hotel stays, then this soft, vibrant color model comforter is for you.


One of the standing features of this comforter is the craftsmanship and design. Most low price class comforters use box stitching all the way to the edge. However, the Beckham Hotel Collection takes their diamond baffle pattern comforter a step further with an elegant border edge stitching for a rich appeal.

The comforter uses polyester fiber filling that is siliconized for an affordable warmth and comfort with a polyester shell for a long-lasting material. Siliconized polyester filling is a material that stiffens the polyester fiber so they become resistant to bacteria and from attracting dust. We find silicate material used in a variety of bedding such as mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags, quilts. The stuffing in children toys also use silicate material to help resist mold and mildew, and hold their shape better. The drawback with silicate material is that it causes the filling to stain much easier.

Reversible color scheme

This comforter model for the goose down alternative also comes with a fashionable reversible color scheme for some added class to your bedroom design and mood. It has good hems and stitching to provide excellent longevity. The diamond baffle box pattern coupled with a variety of reversible color scheme gives your bedroom a classical, elegant appeal for your bedroom.

There aren’t any patterned designs available, but the Beckham Hotel Collection Down Alternative Comforter uses color schemes are of solid colors. For example, a luscious color scheme like burgundy/black is great for a bedroom scheme filled with red or a classical shade color scheme like grey/white goes well with most modern no-color bedroom designs.

There is also a 30-day no-questions asked exchange or full refund if you aren’t happy with your comforter.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin/Twin XL74 inches x 89 inches
Full/Queen89 inches x 89 inches
King/Cal King104 inches x 98 inches

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6. Best Lightweight Duvet Insert – Pinzon White Duck Down Comforter

Pinzon is a growing private label brand by Amazon that was first created back in 2005. Originally, Amazon aimed to grow Pinzon as a brand for textiles, kitchen utensils, and other household goods. Overtime, the brand grew and included a more diverse list of products such as clothing and jewelry. You can also add bedding onto the list, because Pinzon has done a great job at providing quality bedding to the market. Although it may not be as low-priced as AmazonBasics, another brand by Amazon providing affordable lines of products focused on electronics, office, and home, but if you want luxury bedding that is 100% natural, then this comforter model is a good start.


The Pinzon White Duck Down Comforter is made with natural cotton shell with a high 75% white duck down filling. Thread count is a high 300 for a soft touch. The comforter also uses piped edges for preventing the filling from clumping, shifting, or distributing unevenly and creating gaps. Corner loops are available for securing to duvet covers and 2-way snaps around the perimeters allow you to add multiple Pinzon comforters on top of each other for extra warmth as needed.

It is worth noting that this comforter uses small feathers (25% of filling) which can poke you. The comforter is also shorter than most of other comforters which means it might not fill out typical duvet cover sizes. Comforters are generally 88 to 92 inches in length, while the Pinzon is only 86 inches.

Cotton is a natural fabric that, although is prone to shrinking when washed in hot water or heated and wrinkle, is a great fabric for both clothing and ideal for bedding. Cotton is also ideal for people who have allergies or want a shell that breathes well without causing night time sweating (although sweating at night also does depend on room temperature, too).

Cotton is highly breathable, helping with wicking away sweat, soft and comfortable to touch, ideal for insulating and retaining heat through both hot and cold weathers, and is hypoallergenic. Cotton fabrics do not cause skin allergies, which is why we see this material used often in children toys and baby clothes.

Snaps around perimeter

We never heard of other comforters using snaps for layering, so this is indeed a unique feature to the Pinzon brand. For hot sleepers, it might not matter too much that you can attach a second comforter, but this adjustability is a great benefit if you do find yourself freezing at night during the cold weeks of the year. The snaps are very small and out of the way, so you shouldn’t feel them when you sleep. However, if you get a smaller size comforter or plan on smushing then squeezing the life out of your comforter during sleep, you might touch or feel the snap buttons that are located around the edges. You can also use the snaps to fold your comforter so it can keep from getting undone.  

Duvet loops

For shoppers who want to use their comforters for a long time, having a duvet cover is ideal to protect it from dust, dirt, stains, and tear and wear. Some comforters on the market do not have duvet loops, which are used to hold it in place when used in a duvet cover. Pinzon’s Comforter does have it in each corner, extended out, so you can tie each corner in place. This secures the comforter in place to prevent it from shifting and sliding within the cover.

Sizes and dimensions

SizeDimensionsFill Weight
Twin62 inches x 86 inches18 ounces28 ounces30 ounces
Full/Queen86 inches x 86 inches25 ounces36 ounces40 ounces
King102 inches x 86 inches29 ouncesNot available50 ounces

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7. No-Shed Feathers Comforter – WhatsBedding Goose Duck Feather Comforter

WhatsBedding is offering to compensate you $300 US dollars if their comforter model is found to have feather-out issues. What this means is if an authority body (like Amazon) finds that the comforters are shipped out as defects, then WhatsBedding will reimburse you 3x the price you paid. We wouldn’t hinge on this promise, but it is a bold guarantee to make that says a lot about how serious they are about the quality of their products. This comforter and its design tells the same story, too: WhatsBedding is committed to quality. Let’s take a look at the specs.


Made from 100% cotton shell, the WhatsBedding Comforter has 233 thread count with damask fabric that has minimal crunch and noisiness. Damask fabric is historically used to make jackets and other heavy outer garments. It is a reversible design weaving that creates a firm and sheeny look to the fabric. Today, we see damask weaving on furniture for both aesthetics, pattern design, and, more importantly, durability.

The comforter uses the classic box-stitch quilting pattern to prevent its fillings from shifting and clumping. Along the edges, we find piped edges to give the comforter durability so it doesn’t tear on the seams along the edges. Corners come with sewn corner loops for securing in place within duvet covers. You will want to use a duvet cover for your comforter to extend its lifespan.

The comforter has 275 grams per square meter (GSM) which is on the higher end as most comforters range between 100 to 300. This means greater retention of warmth and a consistent temperature because it is filled well. The fill power is 280 as well.

Feathers instead of down

WhatsBedding suppliers mentioned using 5% down and 95% feathers. One of the biggest complaints we find unjust is how having more feathers is bad. Down does cost more, but a large part to feathers being bad has to do with the quality of the comforter shell.

A quality shell prevents fillings from shedding and provides a higher quality product as its less susceptible to damage from wear and tear. WhatsBedding, although we rank as 7, is one of the best lightweight comforters for hot sleepers because of how well their shell is designed.

Down is known to insulate birds during cold times, but the protective cover of their feathers offer support and durability behind any decently built bedding product. With the right shell, you also won’t feel the quills poke through. WhatsBedding Comforter uses double needle sewing as an extra precaution to prevent feathers from escaping and the comforter from shedding.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin68 inches x 90 inches
Queen90 inches x 90 inches
King106 inches x 90 inches

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