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The Best Down Alternative Comforter: Top 7 Picks

Down alternative comforters are the go-to choice for those who haven’t had the greatest experience with down. More recently, there has been a trend towards opting for a down alternative comforter for several reasons. They are:

  • easy to clean and care
  • longer lasting than down and are much more durable
  • hypoallergenic and friendly to allergy sufferers
  • soft and fluffy like down
  • as warm as down

Although they aren’t like down comforters which are made from natural materials like cotton and down filling, they get the job done at a lower price, making them exceptionally value purchases.

There are a few things we should keep an eye out for when it comes to buying the right down alternative. Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about this particular type of comforter.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Alternative Down Comforter

Is down alternative as warm as down?

Down commonly comes from two animals: goose and duck. Their insulating properties makes them warm and fluffy by capturing and retaining heat. Down alternative is designed to in a similar way, usually with rayon or polyester, to mimic the exact same insulating properties. So yes, down alternative is as warm as down!

What is better: down or down alternative?

Down does bring on the pros and cons of a natural material: it can give you a feeling of natural and purity, but can carry allergens that causes breathing problems and trouble with sleep. On the other hand, down alternative can feel the same way while physically locking in allergens in its inhospitable structure. Both are great choices, and it boils down to preference. If you do suffer from asthma or from breathing problems that are likely caused by allergens, then the hypoallergenic down alternative material is the more suitable pick!

What’s the difference between down and down alternative?

The difference between down and down alternative boils down to the material itself. Down comes from ethically sourced animals while down alternative is synthetically created, usually into rayon or polyester. Both have similar insulating properties. The key argument for choosing down is that it is a natural material and feels pure to use. The key argument for down alternative is that it is hypoallergenic, easier to clean, and lasts longer.

What is down alternative material? What is down alternative made of?

Down alternative material is a synthetically created material using a common fiber we find in all sorts of places. Some uses include:

  • industrial textiles (think: seatbelts, tents, sails, fishing nets);
  • apparels (think: fabric, sportswear, and underwear); and
  • household textiles (think: sheets, pillowcases, towels, blankets).

The most common down alternative material we find in comforters, polyester, has several properties we love in comforters: is non-biodegradable, hydrophobic, durable, and hypoallergenic. This makes it great for:

  • long lasting use;
  • easy to clean; and
  • unlikely to cause allergic reactions.

Can you be allergic to down alternative?

Down alternative can cause allergic reactions, but not in the same way you might think. There are people who have an allergy the type of fabric polyester, which is commonly known as down alternative. Other names for down alternative include microfiber, fiberfill, and polyfiber. This type of fabric allergy is known as textile dermatitis, which could be caused by chemical additives used in the process of producing down alternative.

Although people can get allergic reactions to pretty much everything, the common culprit when we speak of allergies to down alternative has less to do with the material itself and more to do with allergens such as dust mites. Dust mites commonly live in house dust and can also be found on your bed, causing wheezing, difficulty breathing, coughing, and skin irritation. Other allergens such as mold, mildew, and bacteria can also cause allergic reactions despite using down alternative comforters.

It’s easy to get caught up with the marketing of hypoallergenic products and forget that like anything else, occasional cleaning is still required to keep your bed allergen-free. So, the answer is yes, you can be allergic to down alternative material, but allergic reactions are more likely from allergens and unsanitary conditions.

Is a down alternative comforter the same as a duvet?

Any comforter, including down alternative is the same as a duvet. Also known as duvet insert, duvets and comforters are blankets with down and down-like filling that can be placed within a duvet cover.

Doing so extends the life of the comforter by minimizing the amount of cleaning that needs to be done to your comforter and protect it from any rough housing that might tear the stitching, say, from a family pet’s claws.

How do you fluff a down alternative comforter?

The best way to fluff a down alternative comforter is to tumble dry it on low heat with a tennis ball or two to keep the comforter moving. Check your comforter model’s care and maintenance tag for special instructions.

Another way to fluff it is by snapping the comforter up and down to separate the microfiber clusters and distribute it evenly in their respective box-stitch patterns. Simply hold the edge of a comforter, raise it up, then fling it down with a quick jerk while still holding onto the edge. You can repeat the process around the comforter to loosen up the microfiber filling. It might sound like a lot of work, but it’s recommended you fluff your comforter on a daily basis before bed in order to get the cozy fluffiness we all enjoy.

Also, it’s normal to occasionally find the down alternative filling to clump to one side of a box-stitch. Simply use your hands to separate and distribute the filling. You can use the heel of your hand and forearm to do the trick.

Lastly, the occasional rotating and flipping of your comforter can do it a lot of good. If you can switch it out every 6 months with an extra comforter on hand, then you can extend the life of your down alternative while preserving its fluffiness.

Reviews of the Best Rated Down Alternative Comforter

1. Best of the Best – Linenspa Down Alternative Comforter

Linenspa is a company that has been around since 2003. It has one of the best selling mattresses on Amazon, and one of the best selling down alternative comforters as well. Founded in 2003, the company focuses on creating a bedding brand that provides quality comfort at affordable prices for everyone. This is clearly reflected in their excellent Linenspa Down Alternative Comforter.


This model comforter is built to be 100% polyester inside and out. It uses a 100% polyester shell with polyester filling in each of its box-stitch construction. The comforter is designed to be a year-round comfort as a mid-weight comforter, with 300 GSM (grams per square meter) filling weight.

It also has a stylish appeal, with 6 unique solid color schemes to pick and choose from: white, cloudy sky, grey with white stripes, navy and graphite, sand and mocha, and stone and charcoal. Each have neutral colors with reversible color palettes, and bring a modern appeal and fluffy feel to any bedroom design. The comforter also has 8 duvet loops, one in each corner and one in the center of each side, letting you secure the comforter as a duvet insert in nearly any duvet cover. Lastly, the comforter comes with a 3-year warranty to protect you from any manufacturing defects.

Midweight all-season use

For some people, owning two comforters is necessary because the hot weather is too hot and the cold weather is too cold. For everyone else, an all-season choice is best so you don’t have to spend twice. The question is how do you pick the right comforter that fits your needs throughout the year?

Although there isn’t a scientific answer or an ideal choice for everyone, there are a few features you want to look out for that might help you make the best possible choice. For one thing, it’s to choose a comforter that is a midweight choice.

We have many measurement choices to choose from, but one good one to pick is the GSM of a comforter. GSM is an abbreviation for grams per square meter, and is used to measure how much filling is in each square meter. Comforters can range between 100 to 400 GSM, while most are between 200 to 300 where 200 is a lightweight choice and 300 is mediumweight.

The Linenspa Comforter is 300 GSM, making it a mediumweight pick. Midweight is a great pick if you aren’t sure what works best for you because it ensures you get through the harsh winter while avoiding the sweating heat during the warm summers. It gives a decent amount of loftiness and fluffy feel that makes a comforter cozy to sleep under, while giving you sufficient warmth with insulation properties.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin68 inches x 86 inches
Twin XL68 inches x 92 inches
Full82 inches x 86 inches
Queen88 inches x 92 inches
Oversized Queen98 inches x 98 inches
King106 inches x 92 inches
California King102 inches x 96 inches
Oversized King116 inches x 98 inches
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2. Best Hypoallergenic Comforter – Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter

The Utopia Bedding is another quality brand company selling one of the best comforters on the market. This down alternative comforter is filled with fluffy fiberfill that is siliconized for your protection from allergens and fluffy to give you the plush, cloud-like sleep you need. The comforter is well designed to be both an excellent stand-alone comforter or as a duvet insert, fitting snug in a duvet cover. The classic appeal of a box-stitch quilting does well to evenly distribute filling so it doesn’t clump to one side and providing a nice touch to any bedroom setting.


The Utopia Bedding Comforter has a 350 grams per square meter fill weight, which as we know is on the higher end as most comforters tend to be between 200 to 300. The comforter uses siliconized fiberfilling (more on silicone later), organized in a sewn-through box-stitch construction, and uses a 100% polyester shell that feels great against the skin. It is designed to be an all-season stand-alone comforter, but can be used as a duvet insert with a duvet loop in each corner for securing inside a duvet cover. The comforter is also treated with an anti-microbial and anti-allergen solution.  The edges are also built with double needle stitching and piped edges for extra durability.

Siliconized for extra protection from allergens

Siliconizing polyester filling is the practice of treating the synthetic fibers with silicate material during the manufacturing process. Silicate is often used on polyester fibers to add an extra layer of resistance against dust mites and bacteria from attaching onto it.

Silicone acts as both  texture agent to make it difficult for microorganisms to latch onto, a coating to enhance the durability of the fiber, and to improve the flexibility (stretchiness and bend) of the individual fibers. With both a siliconized polyester shell and filling, it makes the comforter ideal for those who suffer from common allergens and in need of soft, plush-like, hypoallergenic comforters. Add on the extra treatment done for anti-microbial and anti-allergens, this makes the Utopia Bedding Comforter one of the better additions to your hypoallergenic bed.

This model is also very quiet as a pure synthetic polyester fiber fabric comforter.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin64 inches x 88 inches
Queen88 inches x 88 inches
King102 inches x 90 inches
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3. Best Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter – Chezmoi Collection Down Alternative Comforter

The Chezmoi Collection Comforter is another quality comforter with great stitching. It’s received the Amazon’s Choice label as one of the most popular, lowest returns comforters available. The Chezmoi Collection Comforter performs well as a warm down alternative comforter, and is built to be hardy, holding up to everyday wear and tear. As long as you take care of the comforter (and it’s designed to be easy caring), this model can last for years.


The comforter is a 100% polyester filling and shell design. It has one square foot sewn-through box stitching that prevents the filling from clumping together and releasing heat. There are four corner tabs for duvet cover inserting, and double needle stitching with piped edges for extra durability and long-lasting use. The comforter is also very fluffy, and gets even more fluffier when machine washed (on gentle) with tumble drying (on low). This comforter is 100% hypoallergenic and designed for year-round use.

Lightweight down alternative comforter for all season use

This model might not be as fluffy as it seems in the pictures, but it was unexpectedly soft and warm. It comes as flat when out of its package, but when you wait a while and fluff it when you are ready to use, it looks much better. The fluffiness also makes the comforter better at insulating which will be useful during the colder weathers. Although it might not be the absolute best for the cold season, you can sleep well with it at night when it is fluffed up. The design is a nice and clean white that brings out an elegant look for any bedroom.

The comforter feels lightweight, and with a sewn-through box stitching, makes it a very breathable comforter choice. If you sleep with an extra blanket underneath or tend to sleep hot at night, then the breathability of sewn-through box construction and a lightweight filling is ideal.

The Chezmoi Collection Comforter also works great as a duvet insert with corner tabs that can be used to secure it within duvet covers and prevent unnecessary shifting.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin64 inches x 88 inches
Queen88 inches x 88 inches
King102 inches x 90 inches
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4. Best All Season Down Alternative Comforter – KingLinen Down Alternative Comforter

The KingLinen company is a linen distributor for over 10 years. Started in 2003, the company provides luxurious linens and home decor products at affordable prices. Their main distribution center is located in Los Angeles, and sticks close to local suppliers and material sources to create the best linen and bedding products available in the U.S. KingLinen offers a variety of comforters including in sets, with down filling, and down alternative material. With this model, we find ourselves with a nice looking comforter with good fluffiness and value.


The KingLinen Comforter is a hypoallergenic fiberfill comforter made with box-stitch design and silky soft polyester shell. The stitching is well done with sewn-through boxes, double needle stitching along the perimeters, and piped edges for additional durability. There is also 4 corner tabs you can use to secure it within a duvet cover to prevent the comforter from shifting uncomfortably.

Fluffy, cozy, and feels like down

A lot of shoppers might find themselves transitioning to down alternative because of their allergic reactions from using a down comforter. However, in keeping with the natural experience of sleeping with a down comforter, this model brings a good lightweight warmth with a durable build.

The fluffiness is thanks to the polyester down-like clusters that, when fluffed and tumble dried on low setting, becomes the right amount of desirable puffiness that makes the experience of sleeping so satisfying. Although this particular comforter model doesn’t give off the same level of fluffiness we find at hotels, it comes pretty darn close.

The comforter is a lightweight design, which makes it suitable for year-round use. It feels great, breathes well, and works well as a summer comforter as well. If you find yourself sleeping hot at night, then the KingLinen Comforter is an ideal choice for you.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin 64 inches x 88 inches
Twin XL64 inches x 90 inches
Queen88 inches x 88 inches
King102 inches x 92 inches
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5. Warmest Heavyweight Down Alternative Comforter – Superior Down Alternative Comforter

The Superior is a fine linens manufacturer for over 40 years of experience. They make a variety of linen and bedding products including mattress toppers, towels, sheets, pillow cases, and quality comforters. And in their particular down alternative model, thin fibers are tightly woven to create a strong and durable fabric that is allergy and asthma friendly. More importantly, it can be used for years and is easy to clean while giving you the down-like hypoallergenic comforter sleep experience.


The Superior Comforter is a heavyweight comforter, made from 100% microfiber filling and microfiber cover. With a polyester cover and filling, it makes the comforter a noiseless choice that is both hypoallergenic and soft to touch. It works great as both a stand-alone comforter and as a duvet insert. Although it doesn’t have any corner tabs for securing in a duvet cover, it rarely shifts inside one and can be easily adjusted as needed. The comforter also breathes well, wrinkle resistant, and is durable with double needle stitching and piped edges.

Heavyweight comforter for the cold and year-round use

Many synthetic comforters are designed to be the lowest price possible. This is done with reducing the amount of filling required and keeping the comforter dimensions small. Although other models that does this might be budget-friendly and provide decent value in keeping you warm during the night, it might not be the best for cold sleepers.

The Superior Comforter is a heavyweight comforter with fill weight that doubles most down alternative comforters. Its smallest size twin/twin XL has a fill weight of 60 ounces, while most down alternatives have 30 to 35 as a lightweight. Their full/queen size is 77 ounces in fill weight, while other models offer 45 to 55. Lastly, their king size is 100 ounces while most have around 60 to 75.

The heavyweight comforter is great for those who are living in a mildly chilly or cold environment and want to use their comforter throughout the year. The Superior Comforter also works great for cold sleepers because of its baffle box-stitch construction.

Baffle boxes are a great construction design that allows for maximum loftiness while minimizing any air gaps between stitched boxes. This construction gives the filling room to expand against the stitched area thanks to the addition of an extra fabric piece that acts as a wall for filling to “hug” against. Sewn-through box construction is great for breathability and hot sleepers, but it allows heat to escape along the seems. The extra labor and fabric of a baffle box construction prevents heat escape and allows for a more cozy, warm, and consistent sleep temperature.

Sizes and dimensions

SizesDimensionsFill Weight
Twin/Twin XL 68 inches x 90 inches60 ounces
Full/Queen88 inches x 90 inches77 ounces
King108 inches x 90 inches100 ounces
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6. Most Soft Touch Down Alternative Comforter – Natural Comfort Down Alternative Comforter

The Natural Comfort Comforter is a high rated and ultra lightweight down alternative comforter that works great as a duvet insert. It’s easy to clean so you can simply wash it in a washer and dryer, and durable for long lasting use. The comforter gives a hotel-like quality touch to any bedroom design. It works great in hot climates, feels like a natural down filling, but without any allergens.


Classified as a lightweight down alternative comforter, the Natural Comfort Comforter is made with 100% polyester. Its shell is microfiber embossed covering, with microfiber filling. This makes the comforter hypoallergenic resisting the catching of allergens. It has a soft feel and is easy to care for, coming in multiple sizes for your need. It uses a sewn-through box-stitch construction for evenly distributing fillings so it doesn’t clump up to one side. It also has corner tabs for tying it securely in a duvet cover.

Ultra lightweight microfiber comforter for hot sleepers

Most down alternative comforters fall into the lightweight category with 20-30 ounces for single sizes (twin, twin XL, full) and two-sleeper sizes (queen and king) would have 30-40. This particular model has a lower fill weight, being at the lower end of the lightweight spectrum.

Most of the time, hot sleepers sweat at night due to high heat retention or high temperatures of their environment. But having a midweight or heavyweight comforter doesn’t help because the microfiber retains heat so well. Reducing the ounces might feel as though you aren’t getting your money’s worth, but when you have trouble sleeping each night and you can sleep better with a comforter, this model can be a good pick. Heavier and bigger individuals will sleep better with the Natural Comfort Comforter both because of the less dense filling and with its sewn-through box-stitch construction. Sewn-through allows for improved breathability and won’t retain as much heat as baffle box designs.

One thing we should note is when you shop for this model to keep an eye out on the dimensions because they are slightly different from other popular down alternatives. The chart below should help you find the right dimensions and pick the right size for your bed!

Sizes and dimensions

SizesDimensionsFill Weight
Twin66 inches x 88 inches20 ounces
Full90 inches x 84 inches26 ounces
Queen95 inches x 90 inches29 ounces
King105 inches x 95 inches34 ounces
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7. Fluffy Down Alternative Comforter – Royal Hotel Down Alternative Comforter

The Royal Hotel Comforter is a lesser known gem in the down alternative duvet inserts category. Many people have been using it for years and they still stay in excellent shape from everyday use. It is a decent price for a year-round and lightweight comforter, that retains its fluffiness and soft smooth feel after using it for a long time. A lot of hot sleepers enjoyed this down alternative and allergens sufferers have nothing but high regards for this model comforter.


This comforter model is a midweight comforter made from pure polyester fibers and fabrics. It uses 100% microfiber filling with microfiber cover to create a hypoallergenic and allergen-resistant sleeping experience. The comforter is machine washable and can be used as a medium-warmth comforter for all seasons. It has a fill power of 600+ and sewn-through box-stitch design for preventing the filling from shifting and clumping together.

Machine washable and dryer friendly

One of the pain points of going with a down comforter is being able to conveniently maintain and care for it. Some people have cited tossing their down filling comforters into their washers and dryers, coming out just fine. But we know as a fact that down and feathers absolutely do not do well when subjected to laundry detergent, harsh cycles, and heat. This is why we always hear down comforters needing to be taken to dry cleaners for care. The problem is when we have to wash our down more than once a year, which can become very inconvenient to your daily schedule and the extra cost of professional dry cleaning services. This is where down alternative has a big advantage.

Like other comforters, the Royal Hotel Comforter can easily be tossed into a washer (on gentle cycle) and be followed up with either hanging to sun dry or tumble dried on low heat settings. Polyester is a synthetic material that might be sensitive to heat, but is highly durable and can take some beating. As long as the down alternative comforter stitching is done well and is machine washed and dried at the lowest possible settings, it will last you for years. Fortunately, the quality stitching is done pact and awesome for this particular comforter model, with double needle stitching and piped edges for added durability.

If you add a duvet cover along with your Royal Hotel Comforter, which by the way has duvet corner loops for securing in a cover, you can extend the life of the duvet insert comforter by months or even years.

Sizes and dimensions

SizesDimensionsFill Weight
Twin/Twin XL68 inches x 90 inches36 ounces
Full/Queen90 inches x 90 inches48 ounces
Queen-Oversized98 inches x 92 inches51 ounces
King/Cal King106 inches x 90 inches58 ounces
King-Oversized110 inches x 98 inches61 ounces
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