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The Best Down Comforters: Top 7 Picks

Down comforters can be a great choice for insulation during the coldest of times. The natural structure of down allow for a great amount of loftiness to minimize heat escape and give you the most comfort you can ask for in a comforter. With so many different designs and styles, it can be difficult to choose the ideal one for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at what features makes a great down comforter, and how to pick a down comforter right for you. First off, let’s look at how to buy a good down comforter.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Quality Down Comforter

Picking the type of down for you

There are two main types of down filling: duck down and goose down. The main difference between the two types of filling has to do with fill power and price.

Goose down will have a slightly greater fill power, but will cost more overall. Goose down prices have soared because of two main reasons: 1) goose down has become a popular filling for winter attire, and 2) a lot of marketing has gone into selling goose down to be better than duck.

Is there a significant difference in performance between the two? None that will be noticeable. Goose down having a greater fill power does mean improved insulation, but the difference is miniscule and wouldn’t be felt if you had an equivalent duck down filled comforter.

You can safely go with either type of down, and both will provide you with reliable warmth and consistent coziness for your sleep.

One important part you should consider is the ratio of down to feathers in a comforter. 100% down can be ideal for quality and warmth. However, even 75% down with 25% feather is a decent choice. This can be a better value pick, especially if you are on a budget, because it costs less and will still do the job right.

We wouldn’t recommend choosing a comforter with less than 75% down. Feathers do have quills that might be prickly if you use a comforter without a duvet cover.

What about Siberian vs. Hungarian goose filling? There have been experiments conducted between the two “types” of goose before. In the end, neither proved significant in achieving greater performance. This means you can ignore this marketing gimmick and simply focus on the specs of the comforter available.

Fill power

Down comforters provide warmth because the down filling expands and clump together to provide insulating properties for your body heat. Fill power is the measure of cubic volume in an ounce of down.

Although this number varies during use and depending on the care of your comforter, the higher this number is the more lofty or fluffy your comforter feels. Fill power is essentially an indication of a comforter’s ability to keep you warm and toasty during your sleep.

Ideally, a fill power of 400 or greater is the best for sleep-inducing fluffiness and warmth. You might occasionally find comforters with a fill power of 600 or greater. These high numbers are great for cold sleepers, for colder weather, and for the winter season.

For daily use, as long as a comforter has a fill power over 400, you will sleep very nicely and can be used year-round and for all seasons.

Thread count

Many comforters can be used as standalones or with a duvet cover. Duvet covers are ideal as they can protect your comforters. This makes them last longer and can be washed less frequently. If you enjoy using a comforter on its own, picking a comforter with the right thread count is important. For most people, this number is between 250 to 300 for a comforter sleep choice.

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threading per square inch. The higher this number, the softer and smoother your comforter feels. Luxury class comforters offer thread counts 400 or higher.

If you enjoy a super soft touch experience, it’s also worth keeping an eye out for down comforters with a cotton shell. Particularly with Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton, as the name implies, is cotton grown in Egypt where the climate allows for the natural fibers to grow longer. This means your comforter shells can create a higher thread count fabric, making it softer for sleep.

Box stitch construction choice

Different comforters can use different stitching construction to style its appearance and prevent filling from shifting and clumping together. The most common construction is the box-stitch, with square box patterns across the comforter.

There are two types of box-stitch construction:

  • Sewn-through: The top and bottom layers of a comforter’s shell is sewn together to create boxes for filling.
  • Baffle box: An extra layer of fabric, known as the “wall”, is sewn between the top and bottom layers of a comforter’s shell.

Sewn-through boxes are less labor-intensive than baffle box and offer better breathability. However, they do leave gaps near the sewn areas which is where baffle box helps. The walls from a baffle box construction let filling expand against, preventing heat from leaking through and improving temperature consistency.

Generally, if you are a hot sleeper or looking for a summer comforter, sewn-through box-stitch construction is ideal. If you sleep cold at night or in need of a comforter for winter, then baffle box is the way to go.

Allergy considerations

While comforters can be great for a warm and cozy experience, some people can experience:

  • red, itchy, watery eyes
  • itchy, runny, stuffy nose
  • sneezing

This is due to allergies from our beds. Most comforters will prevent allergens from infesting your bed because of their design. They can physically block them off to minimize exposure and offer you relief without the need for medication or allergy shots.

What type of material has allergy potential? Although our beds must be cleaned often because they are inevitably havens for allergens, some types of comforters and duvets are more prone to causing allergic reactions.

We don’t recommend sleeping with a down comforter if you have asthma or suffer from allergies. Natural fillings, such as down, feather, and wool comforters and duvets have allergy potential and should be avoided. Down alternative and silk are hypoallergenic and can be ideal choices for sleep.

Organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, and like natural fillings, is irritant and chemical free. A well-stitched down comforters and duvet inserts can prevent allergy symptoms. If you use a duvet cover, you can also significantly minimize allergic reactions to sleep better at night.

Picking the right size

Comforters from different brands usually come in the same dimension for particular sizes. For example, queen size mattresses are generally around 90 inches wide by 90 inches in length, plus or minus 2 inches.

Queen size mattresses can be 60 inches wide to 90 inches in length. This would make most queen size comforters the right length, and have an extra 15 inches draping over each side (30 extra inches in width, divided by 2 sides).

Depending on the height of your bed, you might want to consider a comforter one size greater than your current mattress size. By getting a large comforter, blanket hogging sleeping partners can’t take the entire comforter and you are better insulated from the sides of your bed, where heat is more likely to escape when you toss and turn naturally during sleep.

For example, shopping for a king size comforter for your queen size mattress. King size comforters are generally 106 inches in width by 90 inches in length. On a queen size mattress, that means an extra 23 inches draping over each side.

Generally, most beds are comfortably high up from the ground, around 25 inches in height. This will let the comforter nearly touch your bedroom floor. Whichever size you pick, make sure you use a duvet cover so your comforter can last longer.

Reviews of the Best Down Comforters

1. Best of the Best – Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter

The Egyptian Bedding Comforter is one of the best in the market. Rated highly and with low return rates, this model uses goose down filling to make this high loft, hypoallergenic comforter fluffy and fit for a warm, toasty sleep. The Egyptian cotton shell also makes for a fine, luxury-like soft touch that can’t be beat. It’s also one of our top picks for the warmest down comforter!


This great comforter uses 100% goose down filling along with Egyptian cotton shell. The fill power is a high 750+ and a thread count of 1200. It also has corner loops for duvet covers and uses double needle stitching along the perimeters.

Heavyweight solution to cold nights

The comforter is also classified as a heavyweight, so sleepers who enjoy a gentle, evenly distributed weight on their body will love this choice. As one of the best heavyweight down comforter, it also sleeps great for cold weathers and the winter season.

The comforter does have some crinkling noise because of the cotton shell (expected). However, it can be very hot so this is not a good comforter for hot sleepers or for summer seasons. If you choose this comforter, you might need a cooler comforter for warmer temperatures.

This comforter is ideal for sleepers who find themselves freezing or having cold feet at night, especially since the comforter uses baffle box design to prevent gaps and heat leakage.

Egyptian cotton shell for soft-touch comfort

One of the luxuries to bedding comes from the use of Egyptian cotton. Unlike regular cotton, Egyptian cotton is sourced from Egypt where the humidity and hot temperatures allow their particular gene pool of cotton to grow into longer and stronger strands before harvesting.

Bedding that uses Egyptian cotton tends to be noticeably softer for this reason with finer threading that is both durable and silky smooth. If you slept with bedding that is made from material that feels uncomfortable to touch and difficult to sleep with, the Egyptian Bedding Comforter would make it a lot easier for you to sleep well each night without such discomfort.

Sizes and dimensions

SizeDimensionsFilling Weight
Queen90 inches x 90 inches60 ounces
King106 inches x 90 inches70 ounces
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2. Best of Both Worlds Blend – Globon Fusion Comforter

The Globon Fusion Comforter is an incredible technological upgrade for comforters. The comforter is treated with a patented Texcote Nano to make the filling repellant to water. What this means is the comforter is great for hot sleepers with nighttime sweating, and those who suffer from allergens and worry about odor. Globon also guarantees the filling to be ethically sourced so you can feel good knowing your comforter is produced from an ethically considerate place.


The Globon Fusion Comforter is a 51% goose down and feather fill with 49% polyester fill. It uses a 100% cotton shell, with a true baffle box design to give you the soft touch and temperature regulation to sleep well at night. The edges are piped for improving the durability of the comforter and the corner tabs can be used for securing it within a duvet cover. It has a fill power of 650+, with improved moisture absorption and loftiness thanks to its Suprelle Fusion polyester filling tech.

The comforter is a heavyweight model that might not be great for hot sleepers or for hot weather. It is a great choice, however, for sleepers who find themselves cold at night or those in need of a winter comforter.

The comforter is also safety certified by OEKO-TEX standards for sleep use and audited by Downpass for ethically sourced down and feathers, and environmentally sustainable production.

Synthetic-natural filling blend for extra loftiness and comfort

This particular comforter model isn’t just a single type of comforter. It brings the best of both worlds by combining both the fluffy and insulating properties of down and feather with the longevity of a unique tech polyester filling, known as the Suprelle Fusion.

Suprelle Fusion is a polyester filling sourced from a European company called ADVANSA. ADVANSA has been involved in the development of improved polyester fibers for more than 50 years. The company has developed an array of polyester tech that performs in specific ways needed by different industries, including paper and filtration, automotive and construction, hygiene and medicine, pillows and mattresses, and sportswear.

This particular model fiberfilling is designed to have extra loftiness above natural down filling, greater heat retention, and greater moisture absorption. The Suprelle Fusion filling tackles nighttime sweating problems while providing better insulation than regular comforters. Through independent third-party testing authorities, the filling is found to provide an extra 20% loftiness compared to down.

By combining the natural down and feather fillings with the durability of this high-tech polyester, you get the best of both worlds with the Globon Down Comforter without the shortened comforter lifespan and the constant need for fluffing to better insulate you during the colder nights.

Sizes and dimensions

SizesDimensionsFilling weight
Twin68 inches x 90 inches40 ounces
Queen90 inches x 90 inches50 ounces
King106 inches x 90 inches60 ounces
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3. Best Year Round Down Comforter – Puredown Goose Down Comforter

The Puredown Comforter is comforter that might make it difficult to get out of bed. It’s a great value model comforter built for quality that can be used year round. Its lightweight to medium weight and breathable design makes it a great choice for staying cozy through all kinds of temperature and season. This comforter is an ideal choice for starters and those in need of a warm comforter without breaking the bank.


This comforter model is filled with 75% goose down and 25% goose feathers. It’s a relatively lightweight comforter, sitting between lightweight and medium-weight so it can be a good choice for year-round use. The comforter also has a fill power of 600+ which makes it great for insulation. Combined with a true baffle box design, you can expect to be warm and toasty with a consistent sleep temperature for any season.

The comforter also uses a 100% cotton shell, with a stripe dobby pattern for a modern touch. The thread count is 500, and the edges are piped with a bright gold trimming for durability and luxurious styling. The corners also have loops that can be used for securing inside any duvet cover to prevent shifting.

Durable stitching for long-lasting use

The average lifespan of a comforter is approximately 10 to 20 years. Some comforters can be used as long as 25 years with proper and consistent care and maintenance. However, one of the worst things that can happen to a comforter is for it to be stitched poorly. This leads to shedding of the filling to the point where the comforter is no longer doing its job in keeping you warm and cozy (and only giving you headaches). This is why proper, quality stitching is important.

The Puredown Comforter is built in a quality way to ensure it lasts for a very long time. It’s baffle box design is well-stitched, along with a perimeter of double needle stitching and piped edges to prevent any shedding. As long as the comforter is dry cleaned (as this is best for all down comforters), it will retain its loftiness, warmth, and usefulness for a very long time.

Sizes and dimensions

SizeDimensionFilling weight
Twin68 inches x 90 inches 28 ounces
Full/Queen90 inches x 90 inches 37 ounces
King/California King106 inches x 90 inches44 ounces
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4. Best Cool Down Comforter – Snowman Goose Down Comforter

Snowman has been in the business of producing down and feather bedding products for over 20 years. Since its inception in 1998, Snowman Home Bedding has been a big manufacturer for comforters, pillows, mattress toppers, bedding sheets, and more. Much of their products are sold in the American, European, and Japanese markets, employing over 450 staff members across the world. All their products are certified to OEKO-TEX standard, including the Snowman Comforter.


This comforter model comes with a 100% cotton shell with a thread count of 600 for a soft silk-like touch. The comforter is also hypoallergenic making it a great choice for those who have breathing problems such as asthma or suffer from allergies. It is dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial. The comforter is 90% goose down with 10% goose feather filling. As a medium-weight model using true baffle box design, this comforter is a good choice for year-round use.

It comes with double needle stitching along the perimeters, with piped edges for improved durability and a longer-lasting lifespan. There are also 8 duvet tabs with 4 tabs in the corner and 4 loops in the center of the sides which you can use to secure in a duvet cover as a duvet insert. As an added plus, the Snowman Comforter also comes with a nice zippered plastic package with handles that can be reused for storing or for transporting the comforter safely.

There are also 7 different color selections to choose from: white, white1, ivory, blue, purple, khaki, and coffee.

Medium-weight for all-season, year-round use

Not everyone wants to buy two comforters so they can use one for the hot summer season and the other for the cold winter season. It’s always a difficult pick because everyone also sleep differently. For some, they find themselves cold at night regardless while others are waking up at night sweating from the heat build up. Medium-weight might not be the best solution, but it makes for a great middle ground for sleepers or couples who have trouble deciding which weight comforter is best for their sleep temperature.

The Snowman Comforter is classified as a medium-weight, with its twin size using 45 ounce filling, queen size with 55 ounces, and its largest king size at 65 ounces. The comforter is built to breathe well during sleep, and its cotton shell does just that. Cotton shell, unlike polyester shells, allow the most breathability possible as a bedding. It’s stretchy and flexible, which is why we see such fabrics as a popular choice even for clothes. Cotton also does an excellent job at wicking away moisture so you can sleep cooler at night.

The baffle box design allows the down and feather fillings to expand against the walls of the construction to give you the most loftiness and puffy feel. This expansive spacing means more air and heat can be captured and retained, so you can sleep well underneath with consistent temperature regulation. If you worry about how hot or cold you might be at night, then the Snowman Comforter is a great starting comforter for you.

Sizes and dimensions

SizeDimensionFilling weight
Twin68 inches x 90 inches 45 ounces
Queen90 inches x 90 inches 55 ounces
King106 inches x 90 inches65 ounces
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5. Best Affordable Down Comforter – Topsleepy Goose Down Comforter

The Topsleepy Comforter is a competitively priced pure down comforter. Topsleepy manufactures home textiles, and thanks to their property owned mulberry fields of 30,000 square meters, they can source their own raw materials at the lowest price. On top of their commitment to affordable prices, Topsleepy also guarantees 15 years of amazing sleep with their comforter or your full refund money back.


This comforter model uses 75% goose down and 25% goose feather filling to provide the warmth and coziness for your sleep. The filling is contained in baffle box-stitch construction, with a 100% cotton shell and a thread count of 300. The fill power is 500+. Although the comforter fill weight falls in a heavyweight classification, it sleeps better as a year-round comforter that is suitable for sleepers who find themselves sweating during their sleep. It also comes with duvet ties in all 4 corners for using as a duvet insert for duvet covers.

The comforter comes with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. At its price range, this model is the affordable choice for those looking for a budget-friendly comforter. It also comes only in queen size or larger, so this model is meant for couples and those with queen size beds or larger.

Great price for a great comforter

It’s not often we find down comforters in the low price class. Although there is a slight compromise with 25% goose feathers, which isn’t an appealing trait, very few people can feel the feather quills or notice a difference between 100% down and 75% down. When you use this comforter with a duvet insert, it can feel as any other comforter in a duvet cover. The insulation might be weaker than other models because of the lower down-to-feather ratio. However, for hot sleepers who enjoy the heavyweight comforting feel, this comforter is a great choice without causing nighttime sweating.

The comforter is a low price class model that works great as an all-season comforter. Most quality comforters will cost 50-200% greater than this brand’s model, so if you want a comfy sleep without breaking the bank, the Topsleepy Comforter is an ideal value pick.

Sizes and dimensions

SizeDimensionFilling weight
Queen88 inches x 88 inches70 ounces
King102 inches x 90 inches81 ounces
California King106 inches x 90 inches84 ounces
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6. Best Hypoallergenic Down Comforter – Aikoful Goose Down Comforter

The Aikoful Comforter is a wonderfully designed comforter that feels puffy because of its light and soft down clusters. It makes for a great duvet insert as well as a stand-alone comforter. Its certified by a third party for freshness and cleanliness, and is a great warm comforter for those who find themselves sleeping cold at night.


This comforter model has a thread count of 1200 and a fill power of 700+. Made from 100% down filling and 100% percale cotton fabric, it uses baffle box-stitch construction for insulating you at a consistent temperature each night while feels great to touch. The comforter uses double-needle stitching along the perimeters along with gray piping for improving the durability of the comforter while giving it a classy touch. The comforter is also certified and treated by a third party company called Ultra-Fresh for freshness and cleanliness. There are also 8 duvet loops for more securing points to prevent shifting when you use the comforter as a duvet insert with a duvet cover.

Ultra-Fresh treatment for protecting you

Ultra-Fresh is a global leading company in antimicrobial protection, founded by the Thomson Research Associates (TRA) since 1955, more than 60 years ago. They do scientific laboratory testing and work with both technical and regulatory specialists to design cost-effective solutions catered to different needs for different industries. For example, the textiles, plastics, foams, and coatings industries. Their antimicrobial products are used by hundreds of manufacturers across more than 50 countries, and is a sign of quality control and reassurance for comforters such as the Aikoful.

The Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial additive used to treat the comforter are stringently tested for safety and efficacy, meaning the Aikoful Comforter is designed exactly as intended and protects you from bacteria. The solution is also safe, and is US-EPA registered, BPR compliant, and meets OEKO-TEX standards.

Percale cotton vs. sateen cotton

Fabrics, including cotton, are woven in particular way. Depending on how each thread of your comforter shell is warp and weft, it might feel entirely different. There are two main types of weaving:

  • Precale: A tight and flat weaving that gives off a crisp feel that is similar to a dress shirt after it’s been ironed. The weaving is tight with a 1 over 1 weaving pattern. It’s also notably great for hot sleepers and warmer weather as it breathes well.
  • Sateen: A heavier and smoother finish that gives off a silky feel and a sheen. The weaving feels smoother with a 3 over 1 weaving pattern. Sateen is ideal if you are sleeping chilly.

Both percale and sateen fabrics function the same way but with different qualities that boil down to your personal preference. Since sleeping hot at night and nighttime sweat is a common culprit to disrupted sleep at night, the Aikoful Comforter’s precale cotton fabric is the better choice to sleeping cooler at night.

Sizes and dimensions

SizeDimensionFilling weight
Queen90 inches x 90 inches45 ounces
King106 inches x 90 inches55 ounces
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7. Best Down Comforter for Hot Sleepers – Royalay Goose Down Comforter

The Royalay is a brand focused on the development and production of quality bedding products that is soft, comfortable, and healthy. They pick natural, high-quality raw materials with strict scientific standards, ecologically produce goods, and maintain the natural characteristics of its natural materials all the way to the comfort of your bed. This consistent quality is evident in their top rated goose down comforter model.


The Royalay Comforter is made with 100% cotton cover with a 600 thread count. The comforter is filled with 100% goose down filling, with a 600+ fill power. It uses a sewn-through box-stitch construction for better breathability, double stitched and piped seams for durability and long-lasting use, and reinforced loops stitched in each corner and center of the sides to make for a good duvet insert for duvet covers.

Soft, comfortable, and great value

One of the great things about the Royalay Comforter is that it touches on all the points a sleeper can ask for in a comforter. It’s a lightweight design that breathes easy as a sewn-through construction that works great all year round. If you sweat as a hot sleeper during the night, then the sewn-through construction is an ideal choice to give you the necessary breathability to sleep better at night.

The comforter filling is quality goose down filling that has a surprisingly decent loftiness to it, giving it a puffy look and feel you can climb into bed to enjoy. The puffiness also gives the comforter proper insulation by retaining heat properly so you can have a consistent temperature regulation underneath your comforter. The body naturally cools down at night as it prepares to sleep, and naturally fluctuates throughout the night. Being too hot leads to disrupted sleep as it becomes difficult to cool down, while too cold prevents you from going into drowsiness mode.

The comforter is also less expensive than other pure 100% down comforter fillings. For this fact and its soft, lightweight design, the Royalay Down Comforter is worth every penny for both hot sleepers and sleepers in need of a not-so-heavy all-season comforter to use throughout the year.

Sizes and dimensions

Twin68 inches x 90 inches
Queen90 inches x 90 inches
King106 inches x 90 inches

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