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(2019 Update) Best Mattress for Elderly – Top Pick Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Picking the right mattress is a very important thing for anyone, especially for seniors. Unlike young adults, elder persons are more susceptible to frequent or even chronic pain in their shoulders, neck, back, hips, and other sensitive parts of their bodies.

Some mattresses in the market help align the spine and alleviate pain or pressure points. However, other models provide minimal to zero conforming that results in more discomfort and aches.

Besides, some senior persons choose a mattress that can absorb minimal body heat to keep themselves fairly cool while sleeping. Since a more restful sleep is more important to seniors, a mattress that can insulate motion transfer and is noiseless will be a great choice for avoiding any sleep disruptions every night.

This review comparison will introduce to you 5 of the popular memory foam mattresses in the market today which can suit the needs of any senior citizen.

At A Glance: Our Choices for the Best Mattress for Elderly

MattressWhy It’s ListedWhere To Buy
Latex For Less Mattress
Made using the finest materials available, this memory foam mattress has the best things to offer for seniors. Latex For Less guarantees the best when it comes to comfort and pressure relief that seniors deserve. See Prices
Puffy Lux MattressThe Puffy Lux Mattress is the improved version of the Puffy mattress. This popular and beautiful mattress is also a good option for seniors as it comes with additional new features to provide more comfort and pressure relief.See Prices
Nectar MattressThe Nectar Mattress stands out when it comes to giving the best bang for the buck. It has interesting features and outstanding quality and performance to suit the needs of seniors.See Prices
Layla MattressThis mattress aims to give you a clean, cool, and comfortable sleep to have a more energetic day when you wake up. This foam mattress has the necessary features to fit the needs of every sleeper.See Prices
Helix Original MattressThis one is a beautiful, sturdy memory foam mattress for every sleeper. Your height and weight don’t matter in this mattress. The Helix Original Mattress will keep you feeling comfortable all night long. See Prices

Reviews of The Best Mattress for Elderly 2019

1. Editor’s Top Pick: Latex For Less

Latex for Less is a great mattress for seniors. It is made with high quality 100 percent natural latex, natural wool and organic cotton. It also offers two sides of firmness to help sleepers get the right level of comfort they need every night.

Latex For Less is a pure botanical product made of organic materials. It is free of harmful chemicals. At the same time, it gives a buoyant and cloud-like sensation, giving senior a sleep experience they simply deserve.

Latex For Less will let users enjoy two firmness sides in just one mattress. Its unique 2-in-1 design means this mattress is firm on one side and medium-firm on the other. It makes the Latex For Less a good option not just to seniors but even to young adults and kids. Just flip the mattress to your preferred side to experience superior comfort as you sleep every night.

Made in the US, Latex For Less comes with a 20-year warranty and a long sleep trial. That means this mattress is meant to last, adapting to the sleeper’s needs. Also, this foam mattress allows you to choose the correct foundation or bed: box spring or foundation, slatted base or flat platform, and adjustable base.

Things We Like:

  • Made of pure latex
  • 20-year warranty
  • 2-in-1 design

2. Best Luxury: Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy Lux Mattress might be the best choice for anyone who looks for a luxury-looking foam mattress. This foam mattress is designed to be the ideal mattress for all sleepers. It doesn’t matter whether the user is a back, stomach, or side sleeper.

This good-looking mattress from Puffy aims to offer superior comfort and superb support for your back and spine, which made this mattress a perfect option for older sleepers. You can use this mattress on any surface or frame. It can be flat frames, box springs, or adjustable frames.

Puffy Lux Mattress comes with a limited warranty and a 101-night sleep trial that lets you try this mattress for more than 3 months and return it free of charge if you are not happy with this.

Moreover, this foam mattress is 100% breathable and cool. The Cooling Cloud will absorb heat from the mattress using the Cloud Gel sheet to help your body maintain the ideal temperature for optimal sleep comfort.

Besides, the Puffy Lux Mattress comes with the advanced temperature-stabilizing ClimateComfort sheet. This feature is designed to prevent abrupt temperature swings which can awaken the sleeper in the middle of the night. ClimateComfort guarantees a subtle warming sensation during the entire winter season and a relaxing cooling effect on hot summer nights.

Also, the Puffy Lux Mattress has a stain-resistant cover that allows you to instantly wipe out the spilled liquids while leaving the cover clean and smell-free.

Things We Like:

  • Cooling Cloud
  • Luxurious design
  • Good temperature regulator

3. Best Value: Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress is also a good choice of mattress for the elderly for several reasons. It works well with different bed types such as a box spring, traditional frames, divan bases, adjustable bases, and platform.

This mattress aims to give a comfortable feeling that every sleeper deserves regardless of the time and season. It features a Tencel cooling cover that promotes air circulation and heat dissipation to keep the sleeper feeling comfortable through the night.

Also, it comes with the quilted gel memory foam that contours to the body while giving loft and improved air circulation. The gel memory foam in the Nectar Mattress is the that distributes the weight evenly while providing the best contouring support.

Nectar Mattress offers medium firmness with a perfect combination of materials and layers that allows it to support and contour the sleeper’s body. Therefore, the mattress is not too firm or too soft.

This mattress really aims to offer the best value for the money due to its warranty and sleep trial. Aside from free shipping and return, the Nectar mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and a 365-night sleep trial.

Things We Like:

  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Tencel cooling cover
  • Lifetime warranty

4. Best for the Unsure Sleepers: Layla Mattress

The Layla Mattress is cleaner and cooler because it’s made with copper. Copper is a great multitasker and among the most conductive elements on Earth. It sucks the heat away from the body and will send it off to where it should be, making Layla Mattress a good mattress especially for older sleepers.

Besides, copper is a natural antimicrobial agent. Therefore, this memory foam will stay smelling fresh and clean. The Layla Mattress is a good mattress for seniors because it has two sides: firm and soft. Just flip the mattress to the preferred side and enjoy. On the scale of 1-10, its soft side is around 4.5 while the firm side is on 7.

This memory foam mattress provides plush comfort without compromising support. Also, this memory foam will keep you feeling cool. At the same time, it can help relieve the sore pressure points, so seniors will wake up the next day while feeling good and relieved.

If you sleep better, you will live better. The Layla Mattress will make sure that every sleeper will get a good night’s rest and sleep. This memory foam mattress will leave anyone restored, pain-free, and rejuvenated.

Things We Like:

  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Made of copper
  • Natural antimicrobial agent

5. Best for Heavyweight Sleepers: Helix Original Mattress

The Helix Original Mattress consists of multiple layers and a few of these are similar. Each layer offers a different level of thickness and firmness to accommodate your specific desires for comfort and your personal sleep position and style. Therefore, it means the Helix Original Mattress is suitable for anybody, whether he or she is a side sleeper, back, or stomach sleeper.

On the base, this memory foam mattress comes with a high-grade polyfoam that is available in different densities to give you the appropriate level of support. The base sheet is the most supportive of all layers in the Helix Original Mattress.

Also, this memory foam mattress has hundreds of small pocketed coils which give pressure relief. On top is a sheet of dynamic foam or extraordinary memory foam. The dynamic foam is the secret mix of ingredients which combine to form something like a latex-and-foam hybrid. The memory plus foam is a combination of different forms of memory foams, creating a unique feel and firmness. All these things are making this mattress suitable for heavier and taller sleepers.

The Helix Original Mattress also comes with a specialized cover. The removable cover is easy to unzip and remove for laundering. Also, there is an interior cover that forms the Helix Two Touch Design. These covers are working together to form a cooler and more breathable sleeping environment with increased airflow to keep the entire surface cooler throughout the night.

Things We Like:

  • Best for all types of sleepers
  • Easy-to-remove cover
  • Comes with different levels of thickness

Mattress Buying Guide for Elderly

A good night’s rest is important for people aged 60 and above. It may help especially to people who deal with chronic pain. Based on the latest polls, over half of seniors living with persistent chronic pain, and 80 percent of the older persons living in a nursing home are also chronic pain sufferers.

These people need a special sleep surface which offers utmost comfort and support they need for a healthy, restful and restorative sleep. Some mattresses have designs that allow them to conform closely to a sleeper’s body that may help align their spines and relieve pains and aches in the sensitive areas such as the shoulders, neck, lower back, and hips. Other mattresses provide little to zero conforming. These mattresses may exacerbate the symptoms of chronic pains.

What to Look for When Buying a Mattress for Elderly

The following may significantly affect the sleep quality in older sleepers:

  • Support That’s Right For You: older people should use a supportive mattress that will keep their bodies flat and level for the whole night to alleviate or prevent back pain.
  • Pressure Relief and Conforming Design: the right memory foam mattress for older persons is the one that conforms closely and helps align the spine while relieving sore pressure points and providing even support from head to feet.
  • Adequate Firmness (Comfort Level): for firmness, one should buy a memory foam mattress based on his or her sleeping position. Some mattresses are available in different firmness options that made them suitable for all sleepers. Many of these have two sides of firmness to let sleepers have the right firmness by just flipping the sleep surface.

Also, shoppers should consider these factors in getting the right memory foam mattress for the elderly:

  • Durability: Mattresses with at least a 10-year warranty or a lifetime warranty plus a long sleep trial will be an excellent choice.
  • Temperature regulation: If you find yourself sleeping hot at night, we want built-in features such as cooling gel, graphite-infused particles, and convoluted layers to allow for greater airflow and cooler sleeping surfaces.
  • Noise control: Some mattresses built with coils can be a bit noisy. If this is something that keeps you up at night, it should be considered! Bedsheets can also play a role, as do pillow cases, but we’ll cover this topic another time.
  • Motion transfer and isolation: Memory foam mattress do an excellent job absorbing motion. While innerspring beds can be bouncy for you and your sleeping partner. Could this disturb you at night? Do you and your sleeping partner use the restroom often at night?
  • Odor potential: New mattresses naturally smell and will disappear in 4 to 7 days. This could be disturbing at first and will require a period of time to air out. But once it’s gone, it should be gone entirely.
  • Edge support: If you find yourself hugging the edge of your bed, elderly individuals would do well to find a mattress that has built in edge support. Either with greater guage pocket coils than the center (so you roll inwards instead of off the bed) or with a foam-based wall along the perimeters.
  • Freedom to move: Memory foam are notorious for absorbing motion, and that includes your ability to move. For elders, this can make climbing off your bed a challenge, and should be considered when deciding on the best mattress.

Serious Considerations Before Mattress Shopping

After learning the most significant qualities to look for in a mattress for the elderly, it’s time to know the strategies for assessing and comparing various brands or models:

  • Consider the medical history. If a senior has fibromyalgia or arthritis, he needs a mattress which conforms closely and relieves pains and aches. If the person experiences a health condition that triggers frequent nighttime urination, then he should not use a mattress that can produce little noise and isolate motion transfer. Shoppers must consider their medical history when choosing a memory foam mattress.
  • Explore payment choices. Seniors are often on a fixed or tight budget. When shopping for a memory foam mattress for the elderly, ask first the seller about the payment process to know if there’s a payment plan that allows customers to pay for the item in monthly installments. Most mattress companies offer 0% interest for several months that you can take advantage of.
  • Ask for more details about the sleep trial and warranty coverage. The longer the sleep trial is, the better. Also, a 10-year warranty is fine but a lifetime one sounds more interesting.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, there are some things that every sleeper should bear in mind when buying a mattress, especially if it’s for an older person. Don’t be fooled by the claims. Instead, find out what’s the reality about any memory foam brand or model that you’re planning to buy. To avoid regrets, go for a multi-featured mattress that will give the best value for your hard-earned money.