Can Mattresses Be On The Floor?

The short answer: absolutely!

Should you do it? That depends.

There are many reasons (and benefits!) for sleeping on a mattress that is placed on the floor. There are also a few reasons you should avoid doing so.

Let’s look at both sides of the argument to help you decide whether a mattress should be placed on the floor

Why You Might Want To Place Your Mattress On The Floor

You don’t own a bed base or want to purchase one yet

For one thing, not everyone wants or has a bed foundation or bed frame to place their mattress on top. Maybe you haven’t gotten around to buying one. Some people might not be able to afford one yet.

You want more support and a neutral spine position

A mattress placed on the floor offers more support and improved sleeping posture. The floor provides a very solid base that minimizes the sinking effect softer mattresses can have. The body’s center of gravity when laying down is at the hips. When the hips sink lower than the rest of the body, it causes the spine to curve in ways that can cause back, shoulders, and neck pain.

There is a trade-off, however. We will cover this in later in the article. In short, it reduces the lifespan of your mattress, may cause you pressure point pain, and void your mattress warranty.

The floor is a lot cooler for sleep

The floor tends to be the coolest as warm air raises and cold air falls. When you place your mattress on the floor, it becomes cooled and promotes quality sleep. The body cools faster and you can stay in restorative, deep slumber for a longer period than if you were hot.

Why You Might NOT Want To Put Your Mattress On The Floor

You reduce the lifespan of your mattress

The purpose of bed foundations is to improve the lifespan of mattresses. They offer flexibility for the mattress to sink and bend. When there isn’t any flexibility for the mattress to do that, under the weight of your body, premature sagging occurs. Your mattress wears out faster than usual as it lacks the space to flex and reduce compression.

You increase the pressure point pain on your body

When you lay flat, a lot of pressure is being applied to different parts of your body. Aside from the mattress itself, bed foundations help absorb and redistribute body weight pressure from below. The base offers deep compression support and allow your body to sink further as needed to relieve pressure as you sleep.

When you sleep on the hard floor, there is nowhere further for your body weight to go. The pressure can cause body aches and soreness the next day or make it difficult to sleep overall.

Side sleepers might feel the pressure point pain much more uncomfortably. Sleeping on your side places the most pressure on the body, particularly on the hips, arms, and shoulders.

You can void your mattress warranty

Although mattress manufacturers do their best to have a 100% quality assurance, sometimes bad products get through. A mattress warranty is designed to protect you from potentially defective mattresses that sag before they should.

Most mattress warranties will include a clause that voids the warranty when the mattress is found to be used on the floor.

There are a lot of fine prints to a warranty, and it tends to differ between mattress brands. Be sure to read yours carefully to avoid voiding the warranty.

You expose your mattress to bacteria and bugs

Even if you disinfect and clean your home 24 hours a day, bacteria is and bugs can always find their way to your mattress.

Keeping your mattress off the floor helps prevent the likelihood of bed bugs or other bugs from making a home in your bed.

Bacterial colonies can form in your mattress that can wear your mattress down (not to mention causing odor and get you sick more frequently)


Place it on the floor!Don’t put it on the floor!
  • No bed base yet
  • More support/neutral spine position
  • Cooler sleep
  • Lower mattress lifespan
  • More pressure point pain
  • Voiding mattress warranty
  • Bacteria and bugs

Can you place your mattress on the floor? If you sleep better and aren’t concerned about the lifespan of your mattress, then sure! Not only will you save some money on needing to purchase a bedframe, but you also promote a healthier spine alignment.

Otherwise, you should consider the cleanliness of being on the floor at all. Bugs and bacteria can get into your mattress and cause all sorts of problems to your bed and your health. You might also void your mattress’s warranty, too.