Purple Mattress vs. Puffy Mattress – Pros, Cons, Comparisons, Verdict

Puffy and Purple are two of the most popular brands of foam mattresses today. Both models of mattresses come with interesting features, quality, value, and warranty.

With that, it may not be easy to guess which mattress is the right one for your needs. This review and comparison will help provide all the necessary details about these two mattresses. This way, you will be more able to choose the mattress that will suit all your needs and expectations.

Which Should You Choose Between Purple Mattress and Puffy Mattress?

Purple Mattress and Puffy Mattress are both great foam mattresses. However, they do vary in some other areas. Therefore, make sure you go for the mattress that matches you in everything.

Buy Purple Mattress if:

  • Thickness is a big deal for you. Purple Mattress stands out when it comes to thickness because it comes with 4 varying height choices. Meaning, it can accommodate any of your sleep needs associated with ease of access and bed height.
  • You want a mattress that can effectively control the moves of your unconscious partner. If your partner is a bad sleeping buddy, then you may want the Purple Mattress. It comes with energy absorbing sheets of foam and the advanced Smart Comfort Grid that increases the overall motion isolation in your bed.
  • You want a firmer mattress. Purple has a more customizable firmness design that allows you to adjust the firmness and maximize comfort.
  • You want a mattress with good edge support. Purple has supportive coils and thick foam that work better than the ones in traditional mattresses.

Buy a Puffy Mattress if:

  • You want a mattress with a good warranty offer. Unlike the Purple Mattress, Puffy has become a more attractive offer for people who want the best bang for the buck. The Puffy Mattress has a lifetime warranty and even a longer sleep trial.
  • You want the best level of comfort every time you sleep. The Puffy mattress comes with active cooling gel-infused sheet on top supported by the temperature neutral 2nd layer.

Mattress Construction

One of the most important factors to assess when comparing two mattresses is the way it has been constructed. Both Puffy and Purple Mattresses aim to offer the best value, but still, it’s best to learn more about their construction:


This mattress aims to provide the utmost comfort as it wraps the body and adjusts to the shape. Therefore, the Puffy Mattress is giving you a completely supported experience. This mattress has a combination of 3 layers forming a 10-inch mattress.

The top sheet is made of 2-inch Cooling Cloud foam. Its gel-infused foam features a flexible pressure foam technology. This layer will give you a cool and comfortable sleeping surface by using convection and conduction to keep the sleeper feeling cool. The breathable surface will dissipate rapidly the body heat for added comfort.

The top sheet of the Puffy Mattress will keep you comfortable while you sleep by adjusting based on your body shape. It helps in relieving the stress placed on the shoulders, knees, and hips. It’s something you can’t expect from the conventional mattresses.

The 2nd foam layer is the newest innovation for memory foam mattresses. Humidity and temperature are two things that can change the way your foam mattress feels. Good thing, the Puffy Mattress comes with a 2-inch Climate Adaptive Regulation Foam, so it feels good even during the summer nights.

The base consists of 6-inch secure core support. It’s a 1.5 PCF polyurethane fabricated using the adjustable pressure-foam technology. This technology is highly effective and able to deliver up to 99% responsiveness and 4x improved support compared to ordinary mattresses.

The base sheet of the Puffy Mattress provides a special firmness level that aids the body to maintain the correct spine alignment. Likewise, it provides solid support and helps in maintaining comfort for small and big sleepers. The Puffy Mattress can accommodate up to 350 pounds. It balances the weight based on your body that helps reduce tossing and turning and enhance blood circulation.


The Purple Mattress is comprised of polyester, viscose, Lycra, polyfoam, and hyper-elastic polymer. It comes with 3 layers. Its comfort layer entails the hyper-elastic polymer that formed into the grid structure. The polymer and foam layers measure 9.5 inches for superior comfort.

The cover is comprised of polyester, viscose, and Lycra. Lycra is a good, stretchy material which helps in regulating the body temperature through dissipating the moisture apart from the body.

The 2-inch layer on top is the hyper-elastic polymer grid designed for comfort and cooling. The distinctive grid style helps a lot in alleviating the pressure points. This layer forms a perfect balance between support and sinking.

The middle sheet uses a transitional foam that measures 3.5 inches with 1.8-pound density. It gives compression support for this mattress. It works with the top sheet to provide superior comfort. It also distributes the weight evenly along your bed. Therefore, it’s a good transitional layer.

The base is a 4-inch foundation which adds further durability for this mattress. It also provides the shape for the structure.

Firmness Comparison

On a scale of 1 to 10, you can expect that both Puffy and Purple Mattresses to be at a good rate. The Puffy Mattress is slightly firmer, so it’s on the rate of 7. Its firmness is good for people who need pressure relief and optimal comfort. The Puffy Mattress is a real medium-firm mattress that is perfect for back and stomach sleepers. Occasional side sleeping will be fine as well with this mattress as it gives pressure relief for your hips or shoulders.

On the other hands, the Purple Mattress is either 6 or 7 for its firmness. Its grid structure will distribute your weight evenly so it’s either firm or soft. It forms just the ideal feeling you want to experience when you sleep on this mattress. The Purple Mattress is extremely accommodating to every sleeping position. It allows the stomach, back, and side sleepers to enjoy the perfect combination of sink and support.

Sleep Experience

Aside from the construction and firmness, you also need to know how these two mattresses perform. You have to know how they transfer the moves and body heat, and whether they provide edge support or not.

Motion Transfer & Isolation

The Puffy Mattress comes with a combination of layered foams which effectively manages the motion transfer. The foam will absorb those motions or even nearly eliminate them before transference takes place. Foam mattresses provide greater motion isolation, and it’s where the Puffy Mattress will never disappoint you.

However, the Purple Mattress comes with a Smart Comfort Grid designed with motion isolation. Combined with the foam layers, this mattress is also capable of managing and even eliminating all the motions.

Temperature Regulation

The Puffy Mattress excels in temperature regulation. It comes with the patented Cooling Cloud foam. It is a gel-infused pad that promotes cooling while stimulating airflow across the mattress. On the 2nd layer is the one made with patented Climate Comfort foam that offers a mild cooling sensation if the mattress is warm or a warm sensation if it is cold.

The Purple Mattress features the Smart Comfort Grid that aids in regulating temperature and preventing overheating while you sleep. It also comes with the Plexus side panels all over the bottom sheet to promote airflow and ventilation across the mattress. The Purple Mattress does well in regulating temperature, but it doesn’t actively cool. Therefore, you must consider this if you are prone to sweating and increased body heat when sleeping.

Edge Support

The Puffy Mattress is made of high-quality thick foam that allows it to offer superior edge support. On the other hand, there are no specific precautions about further edge support in this mattress aside from the thick base layer.

Similarly, the Purple Mattress doesn’t have any specific instructions regarding maximizing edge support compared to other thick foams used for the bottom and in the construction. The New Purple Mattress is quite different because its sheet of compact coils combined with thick foams on the inner side lets it give further edge support.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

The Puffy Mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and a 101-night sleep trial. However, the Purple Mattress has a 100-night sleep trial with a 10-year warranty.


The right memory foam mattress for you will always depend on your needs, expectations, and even budget. Just consider those factors and everything you have learned here. This way, it will be easier to determine which between the Purple and Puffy Mattresses will give the best value for your money.